Quick grab his feet

Quick grab his feet is another true and interesting story involving Bill Murphy.

     How shall we be remembered is a question that all of us have at some point or another. I have a friend who has dreams in which he is at his own funeral. He is not there as a guest but as an entity observing the event. In his dream there is no one at his funeral. No one showed up…

When his family members arrive they have nothing good to say about him.

One of the things we will never be able to take away from Damien (Bill) is that he gave jobs to people no else would ever hire. The person in this story one day made it. The last i saw him in about 2005 he was sober, healthy, productive person. But in that time he was not.

Could Damien have made more money if he would have just hired qualified persons to work for him?

At one point heroin swept thru the Drake ave New Rochelle neighborhood the way it did others. It’s sad to see how we have not learned and that we think today’s generation is the first to get hit hard by drugs. The drug attics were all around us in those days and many of them were friendly with Damien and a few of them worked for him. They constantly did all sorts of stuff to him. They stole gas from his work vehicle’s and even took the vehicle’s themselves in order to drive to NYC and get what they needed he had locks on the steering wheel and chains around the pedals and they still got them.

He would come into the shop in the morning and find a mess, a refrigerator that needed to be delivered that day would be in pieces because his employee stayed up late high on drugs and took it apart.

One morning I just happened to be walking up the street just as he opened the door. So I stopped to say hello and poked my head in the door. He was walking around the shop looking for something. As he was looking around he said something then walked into the back room of the shop. With-in a second he was yelling " Holy shit Greg get back here" I walked into the back and there on the floor was her employee. We thought he was dead! His pants were down around his ankles and there was a needle sticking out of his leg. Damien did not want this kind of trouble in his shop and this might sound cruel but remember we thought he was already dead.

So he says to me after a few minutes of thought help me carry him into the alley next door then well call the police. So he grabbed his arms and I his feet and we try and lift this guy who is pretty heavy, when he suddenly wakes right up as if he had never been out.

We can not believe this!

It was one of the strangest things I have ever seen in my whole life. Once awake he said he was ready for work and asked why we were carrying him? I did not mention his name because like I said some twenty years later he sobered up and is doing well. And worked for Damien for a while longer before the drug use forced Damien to finally let him go for good. You just never knew what you were going to encounter in Damien’s shop.


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