Damien buy’s a snowblower.

Life if funny and sometimes we just never learn do we.

When a deal is to good to be true, it’s usually a bad idea to go thru with it.

One year we had a lot of snow, Damien had a store front on Drake ave in New Rochelle near Elm street and there was just 20 feet of sidewalk in front of the store so there was no need for a snow blower. We would just shovel.So he did not own a snow blower or even talk much about it. So it was a surprise to me to walk into the shop and find a snow blower sitting almost right in the doorway in the middle of the floor, it wasn’t there the last time I worked.

Sometimes the shop was so crowded with appliances and parts that there was no room to put any thing till you made room, literately there were times when the only way to work in the shop was to empty some of it’s contents onto the sidewalk to make room. So that is the reason it was sitting right there. I always knew when he was in on a Sunday because the place were ever he worked was a disaster, there would be stuff everywhere and a refrigerator would be in pieces. So I would start cleaning and moving things around to make room for what ever I was going to do that day.

Damien shows up a few hours later and asks what I thought of his new snow blower. He had all kinds of Ideas on how he was going to use it to make money, he was going to put it on his truck and drive around helping people get there cars out etc.For money of course!

I replied yea that sounds good where did you get it? He replies, I got it from your one of your cousins and it was only $100! With a big smile…

I knew this was not good, but also knew better then to go any further. So I just started to work again when he says” Some guy owed him money and gave him the snow blower to settle the debt.. I replied Ah ha! OK good I just hope he didn’t steal it. That was really the end of it, he went out on a delivery and I fixed up some A/C units to get them ready for the next season stacking them in the back as I went along.Didn’t see him again till the next morning. I arrived pretty late but who cares it’s the winter, he wasn’t paying me and were not that busy anyway.

He is standing inside the storefront right in the doorway with this look of bewilderment and anger and says,You won’t believe this the snow blower is gone! And the door is locked! And he asked if I knew what happened? Of course i didn’t. And he did not dare call the police just in case the snow blower really was stolen.

Several days went by before we found out my cousin (who knew how to pop the door open) had stolen the snow blower back that same night from Damien and sold it to someone else. lol

He sold it to three people we know of, but of course by the time the story went around it was that he sold it to dozens.

And the police finally got involved and the  owner of the snow blower had it returned to him in perfect working condition.I don’t think any one who bought it had it long enough to even use it.

Damien William Murphy


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