Billy Mack

Damien once sober would give people jobs that nobody else would hire. If someone in the neighborhood after years of frightful drinking went to rehab or jail and started going to AA meetings. Damien would give them work so they would have a little spending money. Most of them were really not worth the money he gave them.
I really liked Billy Mack, by the time he got sober he had been thru so much. Fights in the bars, accidents and fights with the police and back in those days they didn’t have tassers or pepper spray if you were out of control they beat you with night sticks and we all used to think that Billy took quite a few to the head, it was said it would take six or more of them to take him down.
Once sober he was a simple yet very nice guy, he always had a cigarette hanging from his mouth, he walked real slow and didn’t say much. When he did say something it was usually pretty funny.
I had this really nice shiny car I bought with chrome rims but it gave me a lot of problems. Billy is walking down the street nice and slow as usual and stops when he gets to me working on my car and says
” It don’t work,but it sure does shine” Then just starts walking again.
So Billy was in his late fifties I would say, he had a thin body with a big belly and no but. He had grey hair with a pretty big head that looked like it took a few lumps.
Were out on a delivery in Tarytown NY, Billy relieves himself on the side of the customers house. Lucky she did not see him. We are delivering a big old refrigerator. Really need three people to get it in the house.
Billy has a cigarette having from his mouth almost ready to burn his lips where struggling with this heavy refrigerator entering the house when Billy’s pants fall down all the way around his
The home owner is standing right in front of us!
Damien blurts out “Jesus Christ Billy Pull up your pants”
So he puts down the refrigerator walks outside pulls up his pants and finishes his cigarette.
Damien is pissed! We did finish and move on.
Any way you really can’t make this stuff up it was just another day in the life of Damien Murphy

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