A note from some of his children

It was sad that Damien died alone in the hospital and no one knew he had any family or friends & laid there for some time in that cold place, he must have gone  into the hospital thinking  he would leave on his own two feet.

But he did not stay that way he was found, and we brought him to lay beside his mother, sister and other family members. A place we believe he would have truly choose for himself. We hope he rests there in peace and is happy there and that the beautiful plaque we ordered for him from the United States Army would have been something he loved. He often spent his free time fixing and cleaning old military plaques at different cemeteries.

We are sorry there was no service for him we just did not know how to handle things and there were mixed feelings since we were not close for some time.

We set up this site for him, his friends and family so that he is not forgotten and anyone who cares to can leave comments and share pictures can if they choose to.

We believe Damien (Bill) paid the ultimate price buy dieing alone in that hospital and some of us believe all his past sins  have been forgiven and  the God of his understanding has taken him to a sober place where he will be safe.

There will surely be friends of Bill waiting to greet him at the door.

And they will reminisce, laugh and cry with stories of how they trudged the road to happy destiny.

Rest in peace Damien William (Bill) Murphy